Student Leadership

Core Aims

Develop student leaders who in partnership with staff will inspire, listen, challenge and implement the views of all students to help improve Beckfoot Oakbank.
“Let us, help you, make us successful”.

“Do you feel it is important for all students to have a say in how to improve and run Beckfoot Oakbank”?
Beckfoot Oakbank’s Pupil Parliament recently asked this one simple question to every student in school. The answer they received back was an overwhelming yes. At Beckfoot Oakbank we have listened to our students and want to enable as many of them as possible to become Student Leaders. Student Leadership is about any student in any classroom in any year, having a voice that should be heard in school. Student Leadership will allow our students to share who they are, what they believe, and what they believe is the best for their entire school, and lead these changes. At Beckfoot Oakbank we care about what the students think and take time to listen to their views.