Student Lanyards

As of today, students in years 7-11 will receive a lanyard, similar to ours, with an id card, their photo and their timetable on the reverse. Their lanyards will be purple.

I will be delivering an assembly to all students to outline our expectations – Year 8 had their assembly yesterday and will receive their lanyards during tutor period today.

  • Lanyards are the students responsibility, a piece of work equipment and not a toy.
  • For practical lessons, they should either be tucked inside their apron where appropriate, as they do with their tie, or can be removed and placed in their planner wallet.
  • On the journey to and from school, they do not have to wear their lanyard – they can take it off and place in their planner wallet for safe keeping.

Year 9 will receive their lanyards following their assembly this week, Years 10 & 11 next week and years 7 & 12 once the photographs have been updated on the system.

Please let me know if you have any queries. Thank you for support with new addition to school community life!

Sarah Phillips
Deputy Headteacher, Climate for Learning

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