Student Leadership Blog July 18

Beckfoot Oakbank students have again been showing their leadership skills in recent weeks, and as the Student Leadership Team we felt we needed to update everyone of what our student leaders have been up to, because since we moved into our school there have been some really amazing examples of student leadership.

Eco Warriors

Throughout the year our Eco Student Leaders have been working closely with Councillor Adrian Farley and the Bradford Metropolitan Council, looking at local environmental issues. On Friday 29th June 14 students from years 7,8,9 and 10 embarked on a “Community Clean up” of Ingrow Lane and Oakbank Broadway. Armed with litter pickers, gloves, bin bags and plenty of sun cream the students spent two hours in the area collecting all kinds of litter, filling an impressive 16 large bin bags. The students and council agreed that this was a huge success and hope that local residents enjoy the cleaner area.

The Eco students also raised the issue of litter in our school, and made this a focus for one our Votes for Schools topic, where all students debate and vote on a current topic. We are pleased to say that whole student body responded very positively to this and as a result the school has seen a big decrease in the amount of litter being created. Thank you Eco Warriors!

The Beckfoot Trust Debate

As we enter and exciting time of collaboration between the Trust schools, on Tuesday 3rd July we had the pleasure if taking two teams and 12 audience members to be part of the first ever Beckfoot Trust debating competition. Beckfoot Oakbank was represented by a team of two year 12 students and another team made of 1 year 7 and 8 girl respectively. Other Trust schools included Beckfoot, Beckfoot Upper Heaton and Beckfoot Thornton. The debates were keenly contested with some very passionate views being argued from all students. Sadly Beckfoot Oakbank student leaders were defeated in the quarter finals and the eventual winners were Beckfoot. In the new 2018/19 school year we will have our new ‘Debate’ student leadership committee which we hope will continue to lead on debating at Beckfoot Oakbank. Watch this space!


The last two weeks in school has seen us host our transition events. Over 45 student leaders from across Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 were involved in a range over events to help our new year 6/7 students become familiar with not only our school building but the Beckfoot Oakbank expectations.

Healthy Body and Minds - Smoothie Making

In school this week 8 of our Healthy Body and Mind student leaders will be teaching other students how to prepare and make healthy smoothies. Miss Chang and her student leaders have already challenged staff and student to the pedometer challenge this year and this will be their second whole school event. The students would then like to publish their own healthy smoothie recipe book next year.

Finally student leadership has again been at the very heart of the school, with over 500 student leaders contributing to aspects of school life. We look forward to 2018/19 being an even bigger and better year, growing on the success of Beckfoot Oakbank Student Leadership over the previous two years.

We would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday.

Megan, Olivia, Ellen, Josh and Harry
The Beckfoot Oakbank Student Leadership Team

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