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Learning beyond the classroom


At Beckfoot Oakbank, we believe that:


  • Great teaching ensures students enjoy the challenge of learning and develop the skills and knowledge to succeed.
  • Students see themselves as leaders of their own and others’ learning.
  • Strong relationships with parents are crucial to academic progress.


All of our values above are supported within our Home Learning policy. To achieve these, we will:


  • Ensure that our teachers set Home Learning frequently and that it is line with the learning journey for every student.
  • Teach our students the necessary key learning skills that will support their progress outside of the classroom.
  • Communicate regularly and effectively with parents/carers to ensure that we work together to support your child with Home Learning.
  • Reward, support and challenge students’ engagement with Home Learning.


All students will record their Home Learning in their learning planner. The learning planner should be kept up to date with all Home Learning and signed by the student, parent/carer and tutor every week.


In addition to the student learning planner, we also use an online homework system called Class Charts. This system allows teachers to set Home Learning online and for students and parents/carers to receive a reminder notification about the Home Learning  task including which subject and teacher it has been set by and when the Home Learning is due.


The Class Charts login details will enable you and your child to access the Class Charts homework tool from the app or website. All students have been given their ‘Pupil Code’ on a sticker that they placed on the inside of the front cover in their Learning Planners.


For your child to access Class Charts they click on LOGIN on the Class Charts home page and select ‘Student’ then enter their ‘Pupil code’ and log In.


The instructions for you to create an account and log in as a parent are outlined over the page. We distributed parent codes last academic year but if you require a reminder regarding your code then please contact myself on aw@beckfootoakbank.org.


We hope you find the Class Charts system beneficial in supporting your child’s progress; if you have any feedback then please contact me at school. 


Mr Watson


Assistant Headteacher, Teaching & Learning


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