School Meals


The Catering Service at Beckfoot Oakbank is managed by Facilities Management, the Bradford Council Catering Services. Our overall aim is to provide nutritious food that is value for money for all our students. We offer a varied menu for all tastes and cultures and provide a pleasant environment and atmosphere in which to eat.

We operate a Cashless Catering system in school, which shares the common biometric database that is used for our printing system and our Learning Resource Centre for issuing library books. Student accounts can be topped up two ways. Firstly, parents can deposit funds by debit or credit card online through the ParentPay website. Secondly, students can put cash in one of the two Revaluation units located in the Atrium. Using ParentPay also has the advantage that parents can monitor exactly what their child is eating on a daily basis. This method is also used to pay for school trips, shop purchases and over available services.

For those students entitled to free school meals, your daily allowance is credited to your account automatically each day. You can also top this up with additional money if you wish.

The school adheres to the mandatory food based standards for secondary schools and we provide allergen information on all the food we serve.

We have also been awarded a Food Hygiene Rating of 5 stars by the local authority.

Serving Times:

See Family Handbook.


Eating Outlets

Plated meal deals are available daily and consist of one hot main choice with vegetables & Potatoes plus a choice of dessert, piece of fruit or fruit juice drink. These are currently £2.35 (the value of a Free School Meal).

We also offer a selection of Meal Deals from all our serving points for £2.35.

Fresh drinking water is provided at various point in the school, to enable students to fill their water bottles. Bottled water can be purchased at a cost of 60p and a selection of other juice drinks are available.

Free School Meals

Claim Your Free School Meal Leaflet.

To apply online to Bradford Council for Free School Meals click here.

Students who are entitled to Free School Meals have their daily allowance automatically credited to their Cashless Account each day in time for break (any unspent allowance will be removed at the end of the school day). Students can top this up with additional money if they want to.

We firmly believe that the only way to develop and improve our service is to listen to our customers so if you are a student, parent or carer we will be pleased to hear from you with your comments or suggestions, please contact Denise Davis on 01535 210111 or email