Oakbank School Anti-Bullying Policy

At Oakbank School we are committed to providing a caring, friendly and safe environment for all of our students so they are able to achieve their full potential in a secure atmosphere free from oppression and abuse.
Bullying is an anti- social behaviour and affects everyone. All types of bullying are unacceptable at Oakbank and will not be tolerated.


To report online abuse click the image below NSPCC - The Underwear Rule Think U Know - Information about staying safe online
You can also find more information through the links below:

Click here to see our full policy


Momo Online Safety
Please click here for more information about MOMO and advice of how to monitor your child’s internet usage.

Online Grooming

Some people use false accounts & fake photos to trick victims of online grooming #WhoRUTalking2

It’s important that parents take an interest in what their children are doing online #WhoRUTalking2

Young people will be spending more time online during the Christmas holidays, read our tips on web safety #WhoRUTalking2

Don't believe everything you read online. People might not always be who they say they are #WhoRUTalking2

It's important not to share personal information online. People might not always be who they say they are #WhoRUTalking2

Security settings

If you’re buying a young person the latest gadget for Christmas, keep them safe online by setting the privacy settings before you wrap it. The NSPCC have some good advice

Have you bought your child the latest phone or tablet for Christmas? Why not set the privacy settings before they open it?

Phones & tablets will be popular presents for young people this Christmas. Follow the advice from the NSPCC to keep them safe online

United Keighley Statement - All our young people matter

Grooming children for sex is wrong: any sexual abuse of children is wrong. Whoever does it, whenever, wherever. It is morally, legally and spiritually wrong. It harms our children, it harms all of us. There is no place for it in Keighley or anywhere else. And we utterly condemn it.

We want to live in a town where all children are safe from sexual predators. We want our children to be safe from abuse. We want to be safe from abuse.

We, the many different people of Keighley, commit ourselves to work together to make this happen.