Remote Login

Upon request, staff at Oakbank school can be granted remote access to the school's systems. Please email the IT Helpdesk if you would like access to this system. Once IT Support have confirmed that you have been given access, you need to follow these instructions:

Installing The Software

1.     Right click on the "132_Oakbank_" shortcut attached to this article, and choose to 'Save Target As...', and selecting a location to save it too.

2.     Install the software.  Double click on the downloaded file, and extract the file again choosing a location to save it too, I would recommend saving it to the desktop for future use.

Connecting to the School

1.     Once you have downloaded and extracted the software as described, you are ready to connect to the schools' network. There are two parts to this. First you need to create a connection from your home PC/laptop to the school network. This is done by clicking on this link Oakbank VPN. Login using your normal school IT username & password making sure the drop down box says connect and click GO. You will then connect to the network.

2.     The second part to this process is to open the "132_Oakbank_ Remote.RDP " shortcut you saved to your desktop. Double clicking on this shortcut will then connect you too an Oakbank Computer, where you can login using your normal school IT username & password.