Home Learning

Home Learning

Our Values at Beckfoot Oakbank 

  • Students see themselves as leaders of their own and others’ learning.
  • Great teaching ensures students enjoy the challenge of learning and develop the skills and knowledge to succeed.
  • Strong relationships with parents are crucial to academic progress.

Principles of Home Learning

Consistent approach by all Beckfoot Oakbank teaching staff

  • Teachers will set home learning tasks on a frequency set by their Faculty Leader (shown below).
yearMinimum frequency of home learning
7/8 • Core and Ebacc subjects (Geography, History and a Language): once per week
• Open subjects: once per fortnight
9/10/11 • All subjects once per week
12/13 • All subjects once per week by each teacher
  • Home learning will be clearly identified in schemes of work.
  • Home learning will be clearly signposted in students’ exercise books.
  • Home learning will be linked to the key learning skills that they have been taught in class enabling these skills to be practised routinely during home learning tasks.
  • Feedback will be provided in a variety of forms after the submission of home learning.

Parental engagement through regular evidence based communication with home

  • All students will record home learning tasks in their learning planner whilst a home learning reminder is sent to students & parents via Class Charts.
  • Regular contact with home via Class Charts, phone calls, texts, comment in planner and parents’ evenings by classroom teachers and/or Faculty Leader to ensure successes are recognised and lack of engagement is challenged.
  • Workshops for parents/carers on how to best support their child’s progress through home learning.

Monitoring of home learning

  • ‘Positive Classroom Conduct’ for completion of home learning will be recognised via A2L scores. Other recognition may include: positive praise, postcards, email, text or phone call home, positive comment in learning planner or homework hero stickers.
  • If a lack of engagement becomes an issue then the first wave of intervention is from the classroom teacher e.g. discussion with the student, phone call home etc. If required then this would escalate to faculty level intervention e.g. faculty report card, letter sent home etc.
  • The learning Resource Centre will provide daily clubs from 14:45-15:30 to support home learning so students have a supportive environment in school to learn beyond the classroom.
  • Online resources including SAM learning will be used to support home learning and links to these will shared in the student learning planner.
  • Successes and concerns will be communicated with key stakeholders including students/parents/tutors.

Other useful home learning websites:

To login to SAM Learning the students needs to enter the Centre ID Number as BD17OS. Students usernames are their date of birth followed by their initials. For example John Smith born on the 3rd of January 2001 would be 030101js. Their password is the same as the username until the student changes it on the SAM Learning website.

To login to Mymaths students need to use the login name oakbank and the password obtuse. Once logged into the site the students then need to use their own login and password details as supplied by their class teacher to go to their own portal.

Class Charts login pages.

Please use the links below to log into Class Charts.