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Homework letters to parents:

Other useful homework websites:

To login to SAM Learning the students needs to enter the Centre ID Number as BD17OS. Students usernames are their date of birth followed by their initials. For example John Smith born on the 3rd of January 2001 would be 030101js. Their password is the same as the username until the student changes it on the SAM Learning website.

To login to Mymaths students need to use the login name oakbank and the password obtuse. Once logged into the site the students then need to use their own login and password details as supplied by their class teacher to go to their own portal.


Homework is a central part of Oakbank’s educational philosophy. It is set regularly by all departments for all students. Those of our students who have attained high academic success have got into the habit early, of hard work at home. This is an area of school life where parents have an important role and we earnestly request you take an interest in your child’s homework and to discuss the matter with your child’s Tutor or Head of Year if there are any issues. We are very keen to get this right.

Student Planners

Every student will be given a planner. The planner has space for school and homework timetables, space to write in homework details and for comments by parents and tutors.

Involving Tutors

Tutors will check planners from time to time and initial them. Comments from tutors will be inserted where and when appropriate.

Involving Parents

Parents should check their child’s planner weekly and must sign them. They should feel free to add comments if necessary.

Time spent on Homework

The length of homework will vary but, as a guideline, Year 9 students should expect to do about five hours per week overall. (This probably means about forty minutes per subject per week on average)

It should be stressed that an effective homework policy relies on all partners in the contract understanding their role and carrying out their function as follows:

The students:

Do homework to the best of their ability. They record the homework in their planner, use the timetable effectively and hand the work in on time.

Subject teachers:

Set regular, appropriate homework of the agreed length. They mark and return work promptly, and mark in the planner when homework isn’t completed or handed in on time and take the necessary action.


Check planners regularly. They discuss problems with the student and refer problems to the Head of Year if required.


Monitor homework via the planner and homework timetable. They should contact their child’s tutor at school if they have any concerns.