Headteacher Blog November 2020

Dear Students, Families, Staff and Community

I can’t believe it is mid-November already. I been the Headteacher for 2 years but have never felt prouder than now. As I write this, we are in the second national lock down, in a year that we will never forget. Attendance remains strong. Our community are supporting one another everyday and I could not wish to work with a better group of young people and staff.

Our Y11 students have sat their mock exams this half term, worked hard to revise and just got on with it! It has been the first time that they have been into the sports hall transformed as an exam hall and they have taken it in their stride. We don’t know what summer 2021 exams hold and therefore they have tried to do their very best in their mocks in case we need evidence of their abilities for the exam boards, as was the case with Y11 last year. Y13 have also got mocks next week, reviewing their work from Y12. I hope you all get the results you deserve as I know how hard you have tried.
One of the proudest moments for me was on Remembrance Sunday when 2 staff and 2 students represented the whole school in Keighley to lay a wreath for those who have lost their lives. Have a look at the photos attached to this article. The words the students wrote were so special and on behalf of the whole school we thank you. In school on Wednesday 11th November we had a two minute silence which was observed by all 1600 students and 250 staff in school. Everyone stopped what they were doing. The Last Post was played by Mrs Stansfield, maths teacher. It was very special. This linked to work that students had done in tutor time and through assembly to remember and mark this very important annual event.

On Friday 13th November we raised money for Children in Need and students wore non uniform on their bottom half and their school uniform on the top, donating to Children in Need as they came into school in the morning. We raised nearly £856.63. On the same day I presented the first 3 students of the year with their Headteacher Award for the number of positive stamps that they have gained since September – all 3 are in Y7. I am so proud of the 3 of you and I hope you enjoyed your muffins, drinks, rewards badge and lunchtime ‘jump the queue voucher!’ Who will be next? A photo is linked to this blog.
I have written some letters to individual students this term when I have heard what great things you have achieved. For one student raising money for a local charity, another some great Art work, and other student made a huge robot for his science project in his shed, and for some others, contributions to the community. Let me know who is doing amazing things so that I can write even more letters!

Thank you to the whole community for your ongoing support as we head towards the Christmas break. Keep working hard and keep smiling and looking after one another!

Tina Smith

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