Headteacher Blog January 2020: A new year, a new start.

Happy New Year to all the students at Beckfoot Oakbank, to their families, to the staff in the school and to our wider community. A new year is always a time to start afresh and promise to do the things that you didn’t do last year! It is a time of change and next steps. This has brought me to think about the term ahead and beyond in school.

Today is the first day that my little boy starts nursery, as I return to work. The first day on his steps of education. I want all our students at Beckfoot Oakbank to take today as if it was their very first step too. Wipe the slate clean and let’s move forward from today.

On Tuesday 7th January all of our community will be in a special assembly to launch our ‘Student Absolutes’. These are the things that we want our young people to do day in and day out all the time. These have not been written by teachers but put together by our students themselves. Start today by doing all these things, and if number 8 happens, and it will, well say sorry and learn from it!

To Year 11 and 13. You have a very important time ahead of you and we are all here to support you, but it starts with yourself. Are you ready for your mock exams? If the answer is no then start today being prepared. Success doesn’t happen by chance! Good luck to those of you who have external exams in January.

To Year 8. It is your Parents Evening on Thursday 16th January 3.30-6.30pm. It is a ‘Absolute’ that you and someone from home comes along. There is a prize for the Form Group who has the best attendance!

I am thrilled to be back after maternity leave, looking forward to meeting our Year 7 students and their families, and those in the Sixth Form and seeing every one of our students again. You are all great …. now show me what you can do!

Good Luck for your learning, attendance and approach to school and the community in 2020.

Miss Smith Headteacher

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