Enrichment Week

What is Enrichment week?

  • Enrichment week, normal timetabled lessons will be suspended. Instead a variety of activities and trips will be organised by staff.
  • The week is non uniform for all students.
  • Attendance is compulsory.

Importance of good behaviour: All allocations are subject to continued good behaviour throughout. If the school feels their safety and the safety of others is compromised on the trip, then we reserve the right to stop students from participating this their activity.

Clicking the following links will take you to further information regarding these trips

In School Activities

In/Out of School Activities


Any trips/activities where students go out of school require a completed indemnity form. Without this form students will not be able to take part in out of school trips/activities. Any money paid would also not be refunded. All student indemnity forms need to be handed in by Friday 12th July. To print a form click here (Word Document) or here (PDF Document).

Monday 15th July - Where to register.

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