Beckfoot Trust Student Conference

We were delighted that the first Beckfoot Trust Student Conference took place on February 27th 2019 led and hosted by Beckfoot Oakbank.

The conference included 48 students with representatives from out trust primary and second schools, plus 18 Post 16 facilitators who came together to discuss, debate and share their views on learning with Generation Z so that our community can better understand how all our students can enjoy learn and succeed.

Although there was undoubtedly a few nerves amongst the students, these were not evident as they settled into their pre-conference ‘ice breaker task” of trying to build the tallest tower using only rolled up newspaper.

Over the course of the conference, the students worked tirelessly to generate 100’s of great ideas and there was a genuine buzz in the conference hall as our students discussed their ideas, facilitated by our sixth former. Due to the sheer number of ideas developed by the students, the hardest task of the conference was for each group to decide upon their” biggest and best two big ideas”.

After much discussion and debate, our six groups put forward their two big ideas. In an outstanding show of leadership, these ideas were then presented brilliantly to the conference by our sixth form facilitators and one very brave year 8 student. Their views will be used to inform the creation of the new Beckfoot Trust Strategic Vision alongside those gathered from staff at the recent Beckfoot Trust Conference attended by over 700 colleagues.

Meanwhile our 18 sixth form facilitators were digesting their conference training over a working breakfast.

The CEO of The Beckfoot Trust Mr David Horn alongside Mr Hill from Beckfoot Oakbank opened the conference and the excited student delegates began sharing their ideas.

The conference culminated with CEO David Horn and Mr Hill presenting our sixth form facilitators with their certificates. Who then in turn presented the student delegates with their own certificates, and personalised student leadership lanyards.

The final element of the conference was to ensure that the 48 student delegates who attended the event went back to their individual schools and shared their experience. To allow this to happen each school was given the task of creating and presenting an assembly in their own schools, and we look forward to hearing and seeing how this went.

Finally, all students and staff enjoyed a well-deserved lunch and left the conference excited about the stories they could tell back in their own Beckfoot School.

We are very excited about the Student Conference and the "big ideas" that our students articulated. We know that our young people are talented and can do great things, and that they deserve great schools. We also know that we must create schools that ensure all our pupils enjoy school, learn at school and succeed. The conference demonstrated the power of collaboration and that our students are truly remarkable.

We look forward to a being the first of what will become an annual event.

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