A Great Week!

I cannot believe that I have reached the end of my first week at Beckfoot Oakbank already! I have loved every minute of it. I have been overwhelmed by the number of students who have come up to me over the last few days to say hello, ask me if my day has gone ok or to stop me to tell me their name. It says a lot about them. In assemblies this week we have been talking about 'Finding your Greatness'. This is not something that is saved for just a few people, but something that everyone of our students has in them. Examples have been clear to see throughout the week.

Our Year 11s have shown great resilience and determination this week in their exams. As I spoke to them on the morning of the Maths GCSE exam on Wednesday many said to me that they felt ready for it and were going to do their best. I have been impressed by the number of Year 11s who have attended the Period 6 sessions after school to further develop their skills and understanding with their teachers. Great students.

It was great to see the number of students and parents who came through the door on Wednesday night to attend our Parents Evening. As students were leaving they had smiles at the feedback that they had got from their teachers. There was a clear desire to meet the careers fair stalls and for them to start exploring their plans for the future. What struck me the most were the number of students who had given up their time to help at the event. Student Leadership at its best. Thank you to all of you who helped.

One of our Year 10 students is just one of a small group nationally out of 23,000 students who has been selected to enter the final stage of a Cyber Security competition. I am really proud of this achievement - we all wish you luck in the next stage. Some Y9 students were involved in a reward event on Wednesday involving Pizza! They were selected by their Support and Challenge Manager because they have been great consistently. Well done to all of you who were selected.

'Greatness' has been shown through our sports teams this week. The Y9 Girls Rounders team were runners up in the Bradford League and the Y8 Girls Rounders took part in the Bradford League competition finishing 3rd. I want to wish the Y7 boys cricket the best of luck as they have a 1/4 final against Prince Henry's GS on Friday. The Duke of Edinburgh students are undertaking a 12k expedition around the local area on Saturday and I know that everyone is looking forward to the Sports Award Evening next Thursday.

We are all thinking about our Y13 and Y11 students who will be revising hard this weekend in preparation for their exams next week. Good luck from the whole school community.

Students - thank you for making this week a 'great' week for sure.

Tina Smith
Head of School
Beckfoot Oakbank

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